I HATE being Pregnant! There, I said it!

Women’s stories. So important for improving the quality and safety of care. Vital if we are to achieve personalised care for all women. But they must be heard and acted on. Great blogs like this are an important first step.

Life of MummyB

I first shared this account of my pregnancies on @HeartMummys Blog, but wanted to share it here too as my first ever blog 🙂 (Heart Mummy’s Blog)


Recently I have had the chance to chat with the most amazing Health Visitor and it got me thinking on how my life has changed since I became a mummy and also to reflect on my experiences of pregnancy and childbirth.

Looking back, I knew my journey into motherhood would never be an easy one, my husband is in the British Armed Forces and in the last few years we have lived in two different countries, 5 different houses and have been forced to live separately twice. This combined with the fact that I was told I was infertile and could not conceive made things challenging to say the least, but against all the odds, after over 4 years of trying…

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